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In 1989, ARS after years of success in the accounts receivable management industry had an overwhelming vision that the clients being serviced within the industry should be getting a more enhanced level of performance and service. ARS was convinced that there was a tremendous amount of legal costs and fees being charged to clients for lawsuits and other processes that weren’t necessary and could have been avoided.


For over 21 years the company has been committed to providing unequaled service to both commercial and consumer clients by approaching the special needs of each individual client with diplomacy and professionalism. As most other receivable management companies charge for services and processes that aren’t always or in some cases not even done, ARS believes that it should not be paid unless it is successful in collecting the money for its client unlike the other companies who continue to charge high fees and commissions. No other company provides the extensive and “No Cost” pre-screening and profile account assessment for a client before accepting an account for placement.


In the 21 years that ARS has been in business, they have always been ranked at the very top in all levels of client satisfaction measurements. Collecting, managing, servicing, reporting and timely payment of funds to its clients are standards that are never to be compromised and this commitment is continually reinforced to all employees. As of year ending 2014, ARS remained the top service provider and is the vendor of choice by its clients and have experienced uncommon growth rates from the recommendations from its long standing and satisfied clients.


In 2014 ARS have been in extensive discussions with the Government of China in an effort to learn and understand how ARS can become an effective and long term partner in this prospering country.



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