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Your company only pays a collection fee when you recover from the debtor

You Establish Your Fee


Our fee structure is designed to reflect legal costs for collection. Obviously, the more recent the past due account the lower our cost. Therefore, the lower your fee. You decide what our fee is by choosing when to assign the account.

1. United States accounts assigned before they are past due 90 days will be collected for a 15%-20% contingency fee. Minimum account balance $1000.00. Returned checks do not qualify for a 15%-20% contingency fee. The entire account must be less than 90 days past due.
2. United States accounts larger then $1000.00 that are not yet past due 12 months will be collected for a 20%-25% contingency fee.
3. United States accounts larger than $1000.00 that are past due longer than 18 months will be collected for a 25%-30% contingency fee.
4. Past due accounts that are less than $1000.00, companies that are out of business or accounts that have previously been placed for collection will be collected for a 35% contingency fee.

Lawsuit Information

Your account is assigned only for NON-LITIGATION collection. In the unlikely event that a lawsuit is necessary and you choose to authorize a lawsuit, you will be asked to advance a non-contingent, non-refundable suit fee of 5 to 10% of assigned balance in addition to court costs.  Your contingent collection fee will also be increased by 5% to 10%. These fees may vary based on size of balance, location of filing and type of action being filed. Should your debtor go out of business or bankrupt during litigation, the lawsuit fee will be credited towards your company's fees on future assignments.


Existing clients may request that our in-house law office write a seven day demand letter on accounts larger than $1000.00 that are past due longer than 60 days. If your debtor makes partial payment or no payment at all during the seven days after the date of the letter, our in-house law office will automatically begin our intensive collection program for the balance due at our regular reasonable fee.

A fee of ten percent (10%) of principal balance may be assessed on assignments that are paid prior to assignment date.

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