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Why Use Debt Collections

The last call your debtor wants is from a lawyer's office giving them the legal alternatives that are available if they don't pay you!  Our legal staff will remind the debtor of the ramifications a lawsuit may involve, such as, depositions, liens, writs of execution and the waste of time and money spent on their attorney's hourly billings. They are better off to pay you what is owed.


Specializing in commercial collections, the legal staff of our in-house law office will approach your debtor from the legal point of view not allowed to traditional collection agencies. Our Services has the legal muscle to get you paid, typically with forty percent more bottom line dollars than traditional agencies.

Our Services has innovated the commercial collection business through it's legal approach. And we are able to provide you this cutting-edge service at a low contingency rate. Not an hourly fee.


You can judge us by our results!


Our Promise To You

Our in-house law firm will be in contact with your debtor within one business day of assignment.

Each of your claims will be handled with debtor dignity when possible.

Our approach will be very intense and aggressive, if warranted, by a debtor who is not cooperative in resolving your rightful claim.

While you receive the best collection service in the industry, your fees are always fair and competitive.

We will keep you current on the progress of your recoveries with regular status reporting. Additionally, our customer service department is pleased to provide any additional up to the minute information. The status hotline is available 24 hours per day.

We rarely must sue. The vast majority (97%) of claims assigned to us are resolved using only demand collections. But, if your debtor will not cooperate, our in-house law firm is of course prepared to move your case into court.

The return of your company's funds is as important to our company as it is to your organization.

Outside visits are used for collection when indicated.


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